Always The Same

Always the same

This is story about the truth
That never lies

The sky was always blue, but our mind sometimes see it in black colour

This mind too much eat an unseen poison of this unreal-reality world
Very enjoyable, like fatamorgana that make us feel so happy see fresh water at the desert
Make your tired body keep moving , while there is no water really
Make your thirsty feel like will taste the delicious water
Too short.., this enjoyable things just take very short time,
And the end.., the suffer will feel so long.., endless

This poison hide under unprincipled things, like their mind
Of course very have a great effect
For People have principle that really not a principle at all

Make they can’t see any different at all, make this thing work perfectly

That effect will show up slowly, until the last.
This condition can’t be ignored anymore at the final state.

So always the same, it will end like believed man already known

This poison more dangerous, because its like seed that will growup with eat our mankind
But every time its bite you, you feel good..

And one day u revealed , that no more “you”..
Its just body , no one inside that
Even your mind not yours anymore

Your blue colour no more there, your green colour no more exist
All of your colour is totally black

The end always the same, if it is not for the truth

Just wake up

Pendengar Hujan
Enemy of materialistic
Let me throw your money
I’ve already see the truth


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